Yonathan Kellerman

+ 33 6 62 27 33 25

​40 degrés sur la Banquise
46 place Jules Ferry
92120 Montrouge, France

Some days I take photographs.

Other days I work on films. Sometimes in Montreal, most times in Paris. 


I was born in Montreal in 1979 and early enough looked to tell stories through lenses. Whether the image is moving or it is still, whether you can connect with it, admire it, love it, or hate it, if you've learned from it or dreamed because of it, then I will have achieved my goal. The world is a very small place. I hope my work will have done its small share to make it even smaller.

• • •

Yonathan Kellerman completed his BA in Communication Studies at Concordia University in 2000, specializing in Film Production.


He then moved to Sydney, Australia for a year, where he co-directed an award-winning TV spot for the United Nations. He returned to Canada in 2001 to develop parallel careers in photography and film production. 


He was trained in cinematography as a camera assistant on major motion picture and television sets. He then worked as a photo editor for Nicolas Ruel before turning professional and specializing in sports photography.


Notable career highlights include: shooting Egyptian archaeology for the History Channel, a front page article for the National Post (Canada) for his eyewitness account of the Egyptian revolution, and covering the London 2012 Paralympic Games.


In 2014, his 90-minute documentary Sport: Le Revers de La Médaille (The Harder They Fall in English) for Arte, earned a nomination for a Laurier de l’audiovisuel in France.


Yonathan Kellerman now lives in Paris where he regularly gives photography workshops and seminars for various photographic institutions, and works with the Opéra national de Paris on an ongoing basis.


Photo by Dominique Llorens.